Bebe Brows

Katie our founder & master trainer has specialised in brows for over 6 years, making her slightly brow obsessed!


Her passion for brows began back in 2013, when after having two children she decided to add brow treatments to her hairdressing career. Katie was a hairdresser for 9 years but having two babies very close together meant she was unable to work the hours she used to.

Studying & offering brow treatments soon became her favourite thing to do, using social media pages to promote her business, Katie was in no time waving her brow wand on over 70 clients per week!


This is when The Brow Room was born. Katie left the salon she had worked at since the age of 17 to focus solely on creating beautiful brows from home and mobile.


Only 7 months after The Brow Room, Katie took what she believed to be a massive risk and opened Sheffield’s very first Brow Specialist bar, her third ‘baby’, The Brow Lounge.

4 years on and still focusing solely on brows, Katie wanted to bring to the industry what she felt was missing. Diversity in brow treatments and a range in colours and products for clients to use.


In 2018 Katie launched Bëbë cosmetics, alongside The Brow Academy, allowing her to offer the diversity she had dreamt of.